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Out Now: "Couture Demure" for "Prestige Magazine" by Sophia Lenore

We had the pleasure to produce the editorial "Couture Demure" with the American photographer Phil Halfmann for "Prestige Magazine" 'by Sophia Lenore.

Hereby our favorite shots.

Photographer: Phil Halfmann @PhilHalfmann on FB & IG

Creative Director: Sophia Lenore

Lead Hair & Makeup: Sophia Lenore

Lead Wardrobe Stylist: Sophia Lenore

Hair & Makeup: Esra Batuman

Wardrobe Stylist: Birgit Sommer

Models: Ruth, Mafoudia

Jewelry by KONPLOTT

Specials thanks to Pauline Nikolay Enyonam to endorse us with this extraordinary wide flared maxi skirt :-)

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